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A few testimonials by satisfied pool owners 

1st September 2008

Hello John
Just a quick note to let you know that my DIY application went really well.
Your instructions were precise and easy to understand.
The end result far exceeded my expectations and I am more than happy
to recommend your product
Thanks for all your effort (I am not used to such service anymore in SA!)
Please feel free to send me info regarding the products that my tenants
can use in their hangars and I will make sure they get it!
Once again Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it!
Ben van der Merwe


4 December 2000 Tel: (031) 5648468 
Sincere thanks to John and his team 
Dear John 
As you know, we have battled for years with our marble-plaster, and you have tried to convince us to use your product for some time now. We resisted, and followed the “tried and trusted” method of having the pool sanded – which left us with one helluva mess, and a pool even more eroded than before! 
We called on you for help in desperation, with a pool full of little erosions filled with green algae. Within 48 hours you gave us a pool which was better than new – AND with a pleasant blue tint! 
For your professionalism, attention to detail and realistic pricing, we thank you and the whole team. By the time you all left, the site was cleaner than when you arrived, and that is a rare occurrence in itself! 
Should you know of anyone in the Durban area who may be deliberating (as we were!) about the application of Glasscote, we would be delighted to chat to them and show them the results on our pool – just get them to give us a call. 
Once again, many thanks to you and the team – have a wonderful festive season, and may you go from strength to strength in 2001! We are truly thrilled !! 
Yours sincerely 
Chris and Phil Greager 

20 Cordwallis Road Wembley 
Dear John 
Thank you for a job well done! You started on time, finished before you said you would. We now use substantially less pool chemical and the pool looks far better than it did. Well done and thank you 
Best wishes 
Cameron Mackenzie 

18th May 2000 
Dear John 
This letter serves to confirm that we are absolutely delighted with our "New Look" swimming pool. everyone has commented on how lovely and clear it looks. It is so nice not to have that awful stain and roughness we previously had. Thank you once again. We definately made the right choice in choosing LINE-A-POOL to re-line our swimming pool. 
Kind regards 
TEL 27 33 3441059 

17th March 2001 
Comment: Please contact me, I need to get a quote to have my pool redone. It was done over 1 year ago by T.....x coatings and now all the paint is delaminating and bubbling. Call me on 083-462-5365

61 Mills Circle
Pietermaritzburg 3201
18 June 2002

Dear John
Just a quick word to let you know how satisfied I am with the relining of my pool. As you are well aware, my marbelite pool is some 27 years old and was starting to lose large quantities of water through suspected leaks in the marbelite. You will also recall the unsightly areas of black algae that had formed in certain areas. I am pleased to report that since your relining of the pool the water loss has completely disappeared and everyone that has seen the pool has commented on the vast transformation and improvement in its appearance.
Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely
Richard Wyatt
Tel/Fax: 27 33 3865348

Comment: I live in South Wales. Within the next 12 months I plan to buy a property in the South of France and at some stage will want to build a swimming pool. Do you operate in France? If so and if I wanted a pool treated with your material(s) how much would say a 7 meters x 20 meters x average depth of 1 meter cost ~ roughly?
I had experience of Steridex some 20 years ago when I had a factory wall in South London coated with this material. I believe it is still as good as new.
Regards Ted visitor_phone_no: 01685 870064

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