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Ozone water from Your Tap

Yes now we bring ozone direct from your tap using the New OzoneBoy.

Eliminate the organic pesticides and bacteria of vegetable and fruit.
Eliminate bacteria and viruses by washing hands, tableware, kitchenware, feeding-bottle, toys and even washing clothing and floor.
Eliminate fishy smell.
Deodorize the smell from pet by washing them.
Keep oral hygiene and make teeth white.
Preserve the freshness of flowers.
Make face and skin more soft and beautiful, especially for women.
Preserve food longer.

OZONEBOY™ is an ozone generator which can be directly connected with a normal tap in any place and  it  generates electricity by itself to produce ozone water from the pressure of the tap.

Easy Installation

No - plug
No - wiring
Non - Consume Material
Non - Pollutant remnant
easy to install and use

Ozone output 70mg/hr
Dynamotor three phase by water power
Output frequency 3W
Water pipe pressure 0.13Mpa - 0.45Mpa
Ozone concentration 0.1PPM - 0.3PPM
Material ABS
Environment humidity 25%RH - 68%RH
Temperature 10°C - 40°C

Ozone Tap Water Purifier  prices



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