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Chemical Free Pool treatment with Ozone Generators 

Dare to be Green and environment friendly with ozone!

Ozone generators replace Chlorine in your swimming pool. It is many times more effective in getting rid of bacteria & viruses than Chlorine. It will maintain clean water without the use of chemicals normally used to disinfect. Simply adjust the ph

By comparison to the Chlorine , Ozone treatment is virtually maintenance free. All  you need is to install Ozonator, add the Ozone fix and enjoy.
For more information download instruction and installation manual See price list


Ozone generator household

purifies air ideal for removing smells in kitchen etc. Moderate on off times for healthy air

Understanding  Ozone a short video clip

Imagine your pool and spa with no chlorine?
Yes, imagine yourself sitting in your spa with sparkling clean water, no smell of chlorine irritating your nose. Your bathing suit is not slowly disintegrating from the chlorine in the water.
Yes, imagine you and your children swimming in a pool filled with sparkling water. Enjoy all the pool fun with out red burning eyes. The blond swimmers don't get green hair. Your skin is smooth and silky, no rash or itchiness here.

The first concern of pool owners should be the safety of the water in your pool. Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizers available. Only fluorine is stronger. Chlorine is a weaker oxidizer. Ozone has a quicker kill time of organisms and kills more types. Ozone is used to purify Olympic pools. In fact the athletes in the LA Olympics refused to swim in a pool purified by chlorine.

Buy now at our new on line Pool N paint store in all major currencies and shipping to all destinations.
See ozone prices for Europe, UK and USA at our new Pool N Paint Store

 Ozone generators for
Chemical Free Pool and air treatment with Ozone.
Product Ozone O/P          Pool Size Price Buy Now
Ozone P001   Complete Kit ready to install 1 gms/hr  Spa or Splash pool up to 10,000 litres R3270.00
 Ozone P002    Complete Kit ready to install 3 gms/hr 30,000 litre pool  R4970.00  
Ozone P003   Complete Kit ready to install 5 gms/hr 50,000 litre pool  R6775.00 Special*  
 Ozone P004    Complete Kit ready to install 8 gms/hr 80,000 litre pool R8770.00  
Ozone  Air Green Multi Purpose

Household unit

.5 gms/hr n/a R1897.00  
Ozone Air A00103 No sensor 1 gms/hr   R6795.00  
Ozone Air A00203 No sensor 3 gms/hr   R13077.00  
Ozone Air A00303 with LCD sensor 1 gms/hr   R9095.00  
Ozone Air A00403 with LCD sensor 3 gms/hr   R15377.00  
Ozoneboy XH-Y007 0.7 gms/hr n/a R1750.00
Car Ionic Purifier 0.05 gms/hr n/a R169.00
  • * Special Valid Till 14/02/2010
    Standard Manufacturers 24 month Guarantee on all Pool Ozone products
    All prices include Value added Tax (deductable for export orders)
  • There are no harmful by products produced by ozone generators. Ozone breaks down into oxygen. Chlorine on the other hand breaks down into trihalomethanes, which have been shown to increase the incidence of kidney, bladder and colon cancer. Another by products of chlorine plus urine and or perspiration are chloramines, which cause eye and skin irritation.

    Ozone has no adverse effect on  vinyl pool linings, pool paint coatings, reservoirs or water tanks

    Ozone was first used in swimming pool water treatment in the 1950's. Since then its use has widely grown. There are over 30,000 swimming pools in Europe that are treated with ozone. The swimming pools for the Olympics have been treated with Ozone at least since 1986 for the Los Angeles Olympics. Most recently the Sydney Aquatic Center pool water was treated with Ozone.
    Well known water facilities using ozone to treat their water:

    Disneyland and Disney World for all their water features
    Mirage Resort, Las Vegas
    San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA for their marine and Aquatic habitats
    Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, Canada -for their Sea mammal support systems
    Universal Studios, Jurassic Park, "The Ride"
    Many YMCA's and hotels
    Waterparks and aquatic centers

    Each swimmer brings into the pool
    300-400 million bacteria
    0.5 gr. of organic matter
    30-50 cc of urine

    Ozone takes care of it!
    Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, spores, and mold and does it fast. Ozone pierces the cell wall of bacteria and viruses killing them 3000 times faster than chlorine.

         Advantages of ozone

    • Ozone is produced on site-no storage or transport of dangerous chemicals
    • Ozone  kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
    • Ozone prevents calcium carbonate scaling and removes existing
    • Ozone  not used up slowly decomposes to oxygen up to the saturation point of oxygen in water this gives sparkling clean pool water
    •  Ozone  use in the water does not cause discharge liabilities
    •  Ozone  is not affected by pH of water, nor does it affect the pH of water
    •  Ozone  causes increased flocculation of organic wastes, thus increasing the effectiveness of the sand filtration system of your pool.

      There are several models you can choose from depending on the size & usage of your pool.     

    See our ozone price list for more information or download our catalogue

    We also stock a range of ozone generators for air purification; for, Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Consulting rooms, in the Home and may other places.


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