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Accessories and spares


  • Power Pack Remote Module

    ON / OFF Control Only - Allows user to switch their Lights on and off with a single button press. This product can also be linked to garden lighting etc. (if required). Please enquire for further details.
  • Standard Module is for the Control of our Lighting Products only, namely The Pool Light Sparklers and The Spa Colour Orbit.


  • Isolated Power Pack Module
    This product is used to Control 2 or more of our lights.
    It allows the Lights to be completely in sync with one another, therefore complete synchronization is possible with the Isolated Power Pack.
    No additional cabling is required and can turn any standard 2 light or more installation into a spectacular display of light.

  • Remote Control Transmitter
    The Remote Control Transmitters are used on our Remote Systems.
    You can use as many Remotes as you want with each of our Power Packs.
    However replacements can also be requested.

  • AC Power Supply
    We Offer a Standard 12V / AC Power Supply
    This Power Supply is ONLY recommended for our Products.
    Please contact your Dealer for the Specifications on the Power Supply, To ensure you do not overload the product.


  • Day Light Switch (DLF020)
    Our Day Light Switch is used to Switch the Pool Lights
    ON automatically at Night and OFF automatically during the Day.
    It requires NO Setting Up and is all Automatic.
    This product can also be connected to other outdoor lighting however
    Contact your local dealer to ensure you do not overload the product.


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