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DIY swimming pools-Kits, Steel Wall Vinyl Lined Pools, above ground and below ground.

The DIY swimming pool you always dreamed of now available here!
Swimming pools above ground and below ground options.

Swimming pool prices that will blow your mind, when compared to conventional or fibreglass pools.

You will not find a cheaper DIY swimming pool with steel panels anywhere else on the planet.

Quality Steel Wall Vinyl Lined Swimming Pool Kit sets at Affordable Prices
Easy to ship and install, with huge savings, Vinyl Lined Pools are the answer!

Standard Features

  •  Heavy Duty Vinyl Liner in Blue or Marble

  • Galvanised Steel Panels

  • Skimmer Box & Aimflo

  • Assembly Components & Instructions

  • Extra Heavy Duty Marble Liner

  • Lap Pools for health and training (manufactured to your spec)

  • Attractive free standing above-ground pools

  • Withstands ground movement
  • Easy maintenance



Installing your pool is simple. Once the necessary excavation is complete, the steel panels are placed in position, made level and bolted together. Fine sifted sand is placed on the floor and smoothed into shape. The liner is placed in position and, crease free, before you fill up with water.

Simple DIY instructions take you through each step, and in around three days, your pool is ready!
Our pools can be found at game lodges, clubs, schools...throughout Africa and exporting to more than 20 different countries
We specialize in installing pools even in remote areas

Easily transported systems and user-friendly installation instructions, make our products a cut above the rest. contact us for 24/7 online assistance

Photos and images of in-ground and above-ground diy swimming pools with vinyl lining

Oval diy pool

kidney shape

diy swimming pool

School Pool

steel panel vinyl lined

Custom Built

diy in ground pool

Deck Pool

diy swimming pool

Rock Pool

above ground with deck

California with steps

rectangle diy pool

Deck Pool

Training Pool

DIY lap pool

Deck Pool

diy above ground swimming pool

Mine Pool

vinyl lined diy pool

LAP pool

Above Ground

diy pool

Above Ground Chromodeck Panels

Stainless steel steps, fits all

See how easy it is on Youtube.


Easy to follow instructions are available in a power point presentation

DIY circular, oval and rectangular shapes available as standard.

Shapes and sizes: weights are shown for transport purposes

Swimming Pool Prices below for in ground pools, vat included . DIY Swimming pool prices

Shape Size Litres Weight
Circular 3.00m 10,000 147kg
Circular 4.4m 20,000 217kg
Oval 4.2 x 3.0m 13,000 181kg
Oval 5.5 x 3.0m 20,000 219kg
Oval 6.6 x3.0m 21,300 257kg
Oval 7.0 x 4.55m 35,500 296kg
Oval 8.00 x 4.55m 40,000 335kg
Oval 9.2 x4.55m 45,000 374kg
Rectangle 6.0m x3.60m 30,000 300kg
Rectangle 7.10 x 3.60m 35,000 338kg
Rectangle 8.2  x 3.60m 40,000 385kg
Rectangle 7.10 x 4.70m 45,000 379kg
Rectangle 8.20 x 4.70m 50,000 418kg
Rectangle 9.50 x 4.70m 55,000 458kg
Kidney 5.30 x 3.40m 20,000 227kg
Kidney 6.90 x 4.80m 35,000 308kg
*California 5.30 x 3.40m 30,000 320kg
*California 6.90 x 4.80m  50,000 439kg

* these pools include walk-in step

Above Ground

Shape Size Litres
Circular 3.0 10000
Circular 4.5 20000
Oval 4.2 x 3.0 13000
Oval 5.5 x 3.0 20000
Oval 6.6 x 3.0 21300

Visit our on line pool shop to purchase now

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