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   Deck Paint for all exterior timber

A  Long life deep penetrating water based protective deck paint and sealer for all exterior woodwork that is exposed to harsh weather conditions harsh sunlight and heavy traffic.

Balustrades & walkways

Pool Decks

commercial and outdoor furniture

Swimming Pools & Decks

Colours mahogany and zimbali

Beach Cottage Cape Coastal. after 2 years, harsh weather conditions

Applied correctly "Deck seal" paint unlike varnishes will not flake or peel
Exceptional coverage 8-10 m2 per litre
Easy maintenance- no sanding or scraping, simply wash clean and re apply
Available in 2 popular colours, Zimbali and mahogany. Other colours available on orders of 200 litres or more 
Protects against attack by fungus,dry rot and insects
Ideal for heavy traffic areas such as timber decks, balustrades, walkways etc.

I have also been meaning to send you a pic of the sealed stoep, shutters and woodwork that get really hard weathering from the dry heat in summer, to sand blasting by the South Easter to the winter storms that we've had this weekend. It's actually really difficult to get a picture that shows all the deck properly, because of the angles and distances (e.g. From the roof is too close). The Deckseal has worked really well, hence this order to give another coat before the summer heat dries it out again.

Kommetjie Beach Cape Coast Sept 2008









Packed in 1 litre and 5 litre single packs. Bulk available on request.
Full Technical backup.

If you are planning on renovating your swimming pool have a look at our DIY pool paint especially formulated for swimming pools, you and a long lifespan.

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Product Specification & Application instructions...

This water-based environment friendly sealer creates a barrier to the harsh effects
of UV rays and surface protection against moisture, dry-rot, insect and fungus attack.
It is more abrasive and scratch resistant than solvent-based equivalents.
Suitable for all areas exposed to the weather as well as heavier pedestrian traffic,
such as decks, balustrades, stairways, and all outdoor furniture.
Dries exceptionally fast, is environmentally friendly, and can also be coated over
most common wood preservatives. Future maintenance is simple, and can also be
coated over most existing coatings providing no flaking or peeling is evident.
Very low in odour; and is available in 2 colours :mahogany and zimbali.


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