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            Water absorbtion,  glassflakes and swimming pool paint

How do they perform? Glassflake Coatings have been extensively tested and showed performance superiority when compared to other coatings based on similar resin catalyst systems using fillers such as mica calcium silicate or aluminium silicate.

Successful field trails later confirmed the laboratory results, which altogether showed that GLASS FLAKE/resin coated surfaces offer reduced permeability to liquids and vapours, plus resistance to thermal shock ,impact and abrasion .

They have been used in industrial applications for the past 30 years in Chemical Plants, Acid tank Lining, Sewage Plants and other aggressive environments where standard paint systems normally fail.

GLASSFLAKE pool linings are reinforced with glass flakes which increase the permeability factor to 20 times that of fiber reinforced (glass fiber) or un reinforced resins.


A normal pool coating with fillers

no resistance to water path

A Glassflake coating

a tortuos impervious path

Glass Flakes magnified

The above illustrates the path of vapour through a normal lining or coating compared to a glassflake lining.As can be seen granular fillers offer limited resistance.

Glass flakes have been utilised by the coating industry for many years, imparting exceptional barrier properties reducing moisture and vapour diffusion through coating and paint films. Glass flakes form a tortuous path of platelets within the coating film, which is totally impervious to moisture vapour, and are highly chemical resistant.

Epoxyman pool paint with glassflakes is now available in user friendly diy kits.                            Also environment friendly

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