POOL PAINT PROBLEMS-Do you have black algae, rough marbelite, stains, fiberglass delaminating, leaks? Do you use excessive chemicals? Do you need a lining or coating that will out perform most others? Epoxyman epoxy pool paint will solve your problem

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Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

Swimming Pool paint, epoxy by Epoxy-man is a non solvent epoxy swimming pool paint lining with glass flakes incorporated. Used for many years in industry for acid protection of concrete. Now scientifically formulated for swimming pool painting

Epoxy-man epoxy swimming pool paint has been developed for use as a reinforced pool paint on old marbelite, new plaster and old fiberglass. Also used for re lining concrete reservoirs

The paint coating thickness is normally 300-400 micron comprising of:
1. An epoxy pool paint primer                  
2. An epoxy glassflake intermediate Lining 
3. An epoxy glassflake top Coat 
The pool paint system is especially designed for lining your swimming pool, available in 2 colors, white and light blue. Black, charcoal and darker colours are available on special request. The pool paint is non toxic and suitable for potable water therefore ideal for koi and fish ponds.

Glassflake epoxy pool paints can also be safely used in your fish ponds, dams and waterways, where permanent water proofing is required. See pool paint for Aquaculture on this site.

  •  Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance
  •  Resistant to pool chemicals, acids, alkalis and salts
  •  Good stain and algae resistance
  •  Easy application and easy clean up with water
  •  Suitable for DIY enthusiasts
  •  Lifespan 5-8 years before first maintenance.

See what our customers are saying:

December 2000  
Sincere thanks to John and his team 
Dear John 
As you know, we have battled for years with our marble-plaster, and you have tried to convince us to use your product for some time now. We resisted, and followed the “tried and trusted” method of having the pool sanded – which left us with one helluva mess, and a pool even more eroded than before! 
We called on you for help in desperation, with a pool full of little erosions filled with green algae. Within 48 hours you gave us a pool which was better than new – AND with a pleasant blue tint! 
For your professionalism, attention to detail and realistic pricing, we thank you and the whole team. By the time you all left, the site was cleaner than when you arrived, and that is a rare occurrence in itself! 
Should you know of anyone in the Durban area who may be deliberating (as we were!) about the application of a glassflake poolcote, we would be delighted to chat to them and show them the results on our pool – just get them to give us a call. 
Once again, many thanks to you and the team – have a wonderful festive season, and may you go from strength to strength in 2001! We are truly thrilled !! 
Yours sincerely 
Chris and Phil Greager Swimming Pool Photo 8 years later click here

4th January 2011

Hi John,
Just a word of thanks for all the advice regarding the repair of the pool.
The final results is really nice. Attached a photo of the end results.  

Once more thanks for your advice and great service, something I miss a lot lately in RSA. Regards Ronnie


Why use Epoxy?
Epoxy-man pool paints are reinforced with glass flakes which increase the permeability factor 20 times that of fiberglass (fibreglass) reinforced or un-reinforced resins. Compare 
Osmosis is the main cause of failure of immersed pool coatings, which is effectively solved by the incorporation of glass. 
There are approximately 100-130 layers of glass flakes in every 1mm of pool paint. 
You are offered a product which combines the qualities of glass with the excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance of an epoxy pool paint. 
Glassflake epoxy linings have been used in industrial applications for the past 30 years. In chemical plants, acid tank linings, sewage plants and various other applications in aggressive environments where standard epoxy swimming pool paint systems would fail. 
Tests show that after 20,000 hours emersion in salt water there was no effect on the glassflake pool paint.

Glass flakes have been utilised by the coating industry for many years, imparting exceptional barrier properties reducing moisture and vapour diffusion through coating and paint films. Glass flakes form a tortuous path of platelets within the coating film, which is totally impervious to moisture vapour, and are highly chemical resistant. This means that even if you're using pool filters for every pump on your pool, our coating will prevail and stay good looking and strong.

Are you still undecided? Click here for no bullshit independent reports, comparing epoxy paint and fibreglasss . Download them free

WARNING  Pool paints that do not have a dry film thickness of at least 350 microns (14 mils) may fail

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